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Waterproof Phones guide

An increasing number of waterproof phones are arriving on our shores. This handy guide sets out all you need to know about waterproof phones.

Waterproof phones are all the rage at the moment and a growing number of devices are made weather-resistant. But there is a lot of confusion when it comes to waterproof phones. What does the term actually mean, why might it be useful and just how protected are these devices against the elements? This overview explains the basics of waterproof phones.

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What are waterproof phones?

Put simply, waterproof phones can withstand a certain amount of water on the casing. Unlike traditional electronic devices, the odd splash will not seep inside and permanently damage the sensitive electronics that allow the phone to work. The exact amount of water that can be withstood depends on the model (more on that later).

Why would I need waterproof phones?

There are many reasons why you might need waterproof phones – be they static or mobile devices. Perhaps you make frequent business calls on the move and don’t want to risk losing the call (and the phone) because of a sudden change in the weather. Thunderstorms can irreparably damage traditional phones.

Or you may want to use the phone in hot and humid conditions without having to worry about whether condensation will affect the electronics.

On a more general note, it’s possible you’ve damaged a phone in the past when it fell into a sink, a toilet or even a pint. In fact, it’s thought waterproof phones were first developed for Japanese consumers wanting to make and receive calls without getting out of the bath!

How are they waterproofed?

There are many ways to waterproof a phone. Some mobile cases are given an invisible chemical coating to repel water and this process can also be replicated on internal components for added protection.

Alternatively, the phone may be constructed of a special resistant casing such as non-porous silicon. And designers may reduce seam sizes on the casing to maximise resistance.

What standards exist for waterproof phones?

A commonly used standard for phone protection is IP certification. Under this system, a phone is given an IP rating followed by two numbers (eg. IP54). The first number indicates resistance to solid material such as dust and the second relates to water. That second digit is a figure between 0 (meaning ‘no special protection’) and 8 (‘protected against submersion’). A good figure to aim for with waterproof phones is at least 4 (‘protected against splashing water’) so the phone may be advertised, for example, as IP54 certified.

What waterproof phones are available?

A reliable budget waterproof phone is the BT Elements. Boasting an IP54 rating, this product should suit customers who want to protect themselves against the occasional splash. It’s a DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) phone with a huge range of up to 1km and memory capacity for 50 texts and the last 50 numbers.

A higher-spec alternative is the Gai-tronics Dac Commander – 0 Button Version, which comes in yellow or grey. The impressive IP65 rating means this wall or desk-mounted device is protected against water jet spray, while it also sports an armoured cord and large tactile buttons.

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