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BT - BT6500 Single

Price : £27.34 exc VATTelephones - DECT

BT BT6500 Single

Price : £32.81 inc VAT
RRP : £44.99
Saving : £12.18

No Order now stock due in shortly or call 0161 935 1114 for more info

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BT - BT6500 Single Description

The BT 6500 is a high specification and stylish
addition to the premium quality range of BT cordless
DECT phones.


BT - BT6500 Single Features

  • • 250 name & number memories
  • • Ringer & speaker volume control
  • • Up to 10 hours talktime, Up to 100 hours
  • standby time
  • • Up to 50m indoor range, up to 300m outdoor
  • range
  • • Caller display
  • • Incoming ring personalisation.
  • • SMS text facility.
  • • SIM card read and write.
  • • 4 colour line display.
  • • Answer machine features 2 pre-recorded
  • messages
  • • 30 minutes recording time
  • Also features nuisance call barring

    SKU Number : 066266
    Warranty : 12 months
  • BT Info

    BT is the largest provider of telecommunications in the United Kingdom and the company was set up in 1864 as The Electric Telegraph Company. They were the first company outside of the United States to develop telegraphy technology and introduced electrical communications into the market place. This was revolutionary as it became possible for communication to take place in minutes and not days and weeks as was previously the case before this new technology was discovered.

    In the present day BT’s commitment to improving communications has not changed. As a company they are synonymous with offering excellent product innovation and customer service. They believe in providing a product which is in step with the ever changing developments in communication and subsequently the needs of their customers both domestic and business.

    Their commitment to the communication need of businesses is evident in the products which they have designed for every business type and situation, wireless phones, headsets, analogue and digital phones.

    BT have many best selling phones in their range, the elements phone is cordless and perfect for both indoor and outdoor useage.It has a range of 1km which would suit large industrial companies or farmers for example. The Accord 20 headset is used with a phone which is compatible allowing the user to speak “hands free” making this product ideal for large office or call centres. It is also one of the lightest headsets on the market and extremely comfortable for the wearer to use.

    Telephones Info

    The Telephone come from the Greek words tele = far and phone = voice. It is a telecommunications device that is used to transmit and receive sound. The Telephone is now one of the most common household appliances in the world today. Nearly all telephones operate through transmission of electric signals through a complex network which allows any phone number to communicate with another anywhere in the world.
    The Telephone runs two types of information; Signal and Voice, at different times all on the same two wires. The telephones signal equipment consists of a bell to alert the user of incoming calls and a keypad to enter the number for outgoing calls. At the telephone exchange they detect the electrical current and connects the line to the desired line and alerts that line.
    The Voice part of a telephone is in the handset and consists of a microphone and a receiver. The microphone is powered from the line and puts out a varied electrical current in response to the acoustic pressure produced by your voice. The variations in electric current are sent along the line to the other telephone where they are fed into a miniature loudspeaker. The varying electric current in the coil causes it to move back and forth, reproducing the acoustic pressure waves of the transmitter. When you ‘hang up’ the current ceases to flow in that line, signaling to the exchange to disconnect the call.
    As with many other inventions over the years such as radio, the light bulb and the computer there were several people who claim credit for the invention of the telephone; many did do pioneering work on voice transmission and improved on each other’s ideas. Antonio Meucci, Johann Philipp Reis, Elisha Gray, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison, among others, have all been credited with pioneer work on the telephone.

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