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Accutone - A20 Omega Telephone Headset Amplifier Accutone

Price : £12.83 exc VAT Headsets - Amplifiers

Accutone A20 Omega Telephone Headset Amplifier Accutone

Price : £15.40 inc VAT
RRP : £79.99
Saving : £64.59
Available : Yes

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Accutone - A20 Omega Telephone Headset Amplifier Accutone Description

The A20 Omega Telephone Headset Amplifier can be summed up in one word - compatibility. This telephone amplifier has the highest telephone compatibility in its class. It is completely suitable with both fixed-line phones as well as PC VoIP applications. It is ideal for anyone who has a variety of different headsets but wants to power them all from one single point. It comes with a wealth of features to service all your amplifier needs such as a unique microphone-type selector that allows you to indicate the type of microphone being used. Once the microphone has been selected the amplifier will cleverly work out how to create the best output from the selected microphone input. This feature, combined with a brimful of extra features, make this headset amplifier an unquestionable purchase for your telecoms needs.

The amplifier also has online and mute status LED indictors that will allow you to easily see whether the headset is muted or whether the amplifier is online, a simple but extremely useful feature. There is a quick switch button so you can toggle between the phone handset or the headset. There’s also a specially designed headset hanger to rest your headset on out of the way when it’s not being used. And if that wasn’t enough it’s also fully CE, UL and FCC approved.


Accutone - A20 Omega Telephone Headset Amplifier Accutone Features

  • suitable for both fixed-line phones and PC VoIP applications
  • microphone-type selector
  • online and mute status LED indictors
  • quick switch button
  • specially designed headset hanger
  • fully CE, UL and FCC approved

    SKU Number : 99999
    Warranty : 1 YEAR
  • Accutone Info

    Accutone is a consumer electronics manufacturer which specialises in the production of high quality telecoms equipment, specifically headsets. The company was founded in 1995 in Hong Kong but has since expanded its operation into further key territories including North America, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Middle East and China. Its main plant in Shenzhen has won ISO 9001 accreditation for high standards and currently employs more than 200 people, all working to the company motto, 'Clearer Communication Brings People Closer'.

    The company has been credited with bringing headsets to the wider market via its competitive pricing policy. Popular Accutone products such as the WT89 cordless headset and the TM310 noise cancelling headset have been hailed by users for their combination of high quality features and affordability.

    Why choose Accutone?

    Accutone has worked extensively in the field of headset ergonomics, making their products some of the most comfortable and unobtrusive on the market. However, it isn't just the ease with which Accutone products can be used which has led to their remarkable popularity; the core Accutone range is one the most well-specced among all of the leading headset makers.

    Features you can expect to find across the company's catalogue include acoustic shock protection (ASP), sound pressure level limits, lifters, quick-disconnecting cables and unrivalled noise-cancelling technology, the quality of which is evident in the huge popularity of the TM310 noise cancelling headset and its stable mates.

    Accutone has proven time and again that it is a company dedicated to striking a balance between providing world class headsets while doing so at competitive prices and with great customer focus. Their commitment to furthering and diversifying the market for headsets is borne out in the reputation afforded to products such as the WT89, TM310, TM333 and DT30; not to mention their superb Bluetooth headset range.

    Key products

    The biggest-selling Accutone products neatly showcase the company's flair for creating high quality technology at affordable prices. Accutone focuses most of its efforts on producing headsets, a strategy which has led to it being responsible for some of the best cordless and noise cancelling headset available on the market today. Key products include:

    • WT89 DECT Cordless Headset
    • Superb noise cancelling headset with pin-sharp signal and tone control – ideal for conversations that move between locations
    • DT30 2.5mm Lightweight Monaural Headset
    • Industry-leading headset with versatile socket plug and anti-radiation technology – 99.5% reduction in radiation makes it perfect for prolonged use
    • V9 Personal Conference Unit
    • Outstanding unit with great recording features – save conversations to removable media or transfer via in-built USB connection
    • TM310 Monaural Noise Cancelling Headset
    • One of the most comfortable noise cancelling headsets on the market, with acoustic shock protection – can be adapted to fit any user

    Each of these Accutone headsets and conference units has been manufactured to the highest standards and built entirely with users in mind.

    Topcomms is a trusted supplier of Accutone equipment – when you buy from us you benefit from the combination of quality Accutone products and our unbeatable customer service. Make sure you make your next Accutone order through us.

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