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Bt Elements guide

The BT Elements range has proven to be hugely popular, and itís one of the best selling mid range DECT telephones. A quick look at the handset and itís easy to see why, as the combination of great range, plenty of features and excellent durability (the handsets are waterproof to the IP 54 standard) with a great price of less than forty pounds, excluding VAT.

The handsets are DECT, which means that the signal between the handset and base station (included with the BT Elements Dect Handset) is digital. This results in greater range and improved call quality and security, plus it allows more advanced features within the handset itself. DECT is also a flexible technology, so you can operate up to five handsets for each base station Ė great for the small office, or the home.

The role of the basestation is to act as a connection between the handset and the telephone line. They also double as a recharging point, so you can drop your handset on it in order to charge the internal battery, and itís the power within the base station that determines the range of a DECT phone. The BT Elements has a range of up to a thousand metres, depending upon conditions.

The name ĎElementsí was chosen by BT as the handsets are waterproof, and can withstand the elements. Although most handsets donít venture too far from the home, they come with a built in torch, and itís particularly useful if there is a power cut in your building. The handset is waterproof to IP 54 standards, which basically means that it can withstand a splash of water (but itís not advisable to drop the handset in to water).

The handset can cope with SMS, and has a memory capacity for up to fifty. Thereís enough space to store the last fifty numbers, and the handset has a built in hands free facility so that you can place it on an object and continue the conversation using a built in speaker. For ease of access thereís a memory capacity so that you can store your most frequently used telephone numbers, and call them at the touch of a button.

You can purchase a BT elements phone in a single package (with base station included) or in multiple packs, which include a number of handsets (from two to four) and a base station.

The Elements handsets come with full instructions in the box, as well as the recharging unit that plugs in the wall and connects up to the BT elements base station.

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Overview of DECT Technology

DECT is closely related to the GSM technology that powers many mobile phones, and its been around for over twenty years. Itís only in the last ten years that the technology has been used in commercial mobile phones (it was first offered to Italian industrial companies by the then developer Olivetti). The traditional cordless telephone was prone to poor sound quality, poor range and they lacked the ability to transmit information other than voice calls. DECT was the perfect technology to use in home and office handsets, and the recent introduction of services from BT like landline SMS, and call waiting, meant that DECT was in demand. Now the majority of cordless phones are built using DECT technology, and itís proven to be great for the home, but even greater for the office.

Since a DECT base station can support up to five handsets, it means that one office line can be shared by up to five phones. The advanced features of the BT elements handset means that many of the more advanced telecoms functions can be performed with ease, including switching between calls.

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